Publishing is not what it used to be.

Or at least I don’t believe it is. In my naivety, I envisioned the plight of penniless author, tramping the cobbled path from the sharply closed door of one plagued literary impresario to the heartless agency of hopeless dread found at the next. Manuscript placed at the base of a towering pillar of others, each the tireless work of aspirant apprentices.

I find that is not the way.

Instead, there are options. Modern, instant, economically advantageous, multi-platformed, quick-fix, i-this, e-that options. Said Aldous Huxley – about whom, more in a book or two’s time – “You pays your money and you takes your choice”. Indeed you do.

I might easily have taken a lower cost route. I may not even have ever committed to a physical specimen. I Kindle, you Kindle, they Kindle… How the world changes. But that would not be enough for me. You may prefer to read this on some electronic device or another and I shall not even begin to mind. Only when the fusty flicker of pages, the redolent odour of vintage and the very weight of a book held and shared becomes too inconvenient for our brave new world will I finally despair.

So we go to print. To be accurate, we have been to print and now the copies have arrived. Next I am to master the art of distribution. More on this when I am better versed but with a good deal of hand-holding, I expect The Goose Samaritan to be made available within the next few weeks.

I am neither too proud nor foolish not to embrace the opportunities of modern media, however. It does not come easy to me to ask you to “Follow me on Facebook and Twitter” but neither am I keen to discourage. Indeed, the opportunity for continual development must always be exciting.

I am new to this, after all.




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